Inside Margherita's World...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

If you read my blog yesterday, then you'll already know that I visited the Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh, it was a feast for the eyes, no longer just known for zig zag autumn hues, now its a kaleidoscope of bright colors, but that also can be said for the clothing too.
When Margherita Missoni created a line for the American market @Target, there was madness in the stores, and almost everything was sold out in a matter of hours both in store and on line, to the dismay of many Missoni lovers including myself, as I thought I would wait until after the rush only to find the shelves bare.
Here is a little glimpse into Margherita's world...     

Margherita Missoni

Anne x


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Out and about in Edinburgh today, one stop I wanted to make was to the Missoni Hotel I just love this place, every time I'm here on a visit I have to stop by and have a cup of tea, I felt like Alice in this amazing Missoni wonderland... 

Missoni Tea Party...

Anne x

Snow Days...

Friday, March 29, 2013

My first day up and out in Edinburgh, Scotland and yes it's just a little chilly to say the least, but I do have a few reinforcements to battle the chill.

Snowy country lanes

Words to live by

There's nothing better

Exploring the sights

I never leave home without my hunters

winter's faux furs

Missing my babies

 Yes I'm missing my babies, but here in Scotland, Westies are everywhere...

Well I'm heading out for some fun in the snow, until tomorrow.

Anne x

A personal throwback Thursday...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being home in Scotland always puts me in a melancholy state, memories flooding back with every street I walk, every corner I turn, my childhood was wonderful I could not have asked for anything more, I was showered with love from wonderful parents, and doting grandparents, who lived around the corner and I saw everyday. 
My cousin who babysat me as a child, is now like a sister, and then of course there are my friends, friends, by the way who are still in my life today, even though we're oceans apart, not many people can say that. 
My visits are frequent now, as my mother is struggling with Alzheimer's, and as mums memories are fading, I find myself retaking walks we walked and visiting places we went every time that I'm home, now I am the keeper of all our memories, beautiful, wonderful memories...

My Mum and I 

My Nana, Grandpa and I on one of our many outings

My Mum on her last visit to Italy enjoying an afternoon aperatif

My Mum visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles

Eating and enjoying hot dogs in New York City

Help cure Alzheimer's...

Anne x

Going Home...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again"♪♪♪...  
Well actually I'll be back in two weeks, I'll be in Scotland my home, and I'll be posting a little about my visit the local culture, fashion and of course design, I was just told that there's snow on the ground, so my winter clothes are packed, it's always strange packing gloves and scarves when it's sunny and 70 here in Southern California...

Flying east...

Can't leave without these Instagram

Packing for Style and warmth Instagram
I don't know what I would do without my multi purpose ziploc bags, efficient packing, and I can see everything at a glance... 

Beautiful Edinburgh

I may even partake in a wee dram or two...

                                                 Next Stop Edinburgh,

                                            Anne x

Burberry ❤...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knowing that I'm heading home tomorrow I'm finishing my packing, as I grab my Burberry scarf and throw it into my suitcase I smile, one thing I love about going home is seeing the fashion on the street, layers, lots and lots of stylish layers, and Burberry is one of my favorites. A little touch of plaid in the home too can go a long way, classic and elegant... 

Just ❤ this

Image courtesy Burberry

Burberrys nude palette

The new nude nail Pinterest

Emily Watson sporting her Burberry Bag

Plaid in the home

Something sweet
Well I'm off to do some more last minute packing.
Bye for now, next stop London.

Anne x

A little Zebra goes a long way...

Monday, March 25, 2013

One thing I know for sure, put a little black & white in a room, and you will get your bang for your buck, as they say. But if it's zebra you can't go wrong, it will definitely steal the show. I love using zebra in my designs, whether in a rug, pillow or even art, it never fails to Wow...

Image courtesyThe Fancy

This zebra art is so peaceful

Loving this door ❤❤❤

Drooling over this chair

Image courtesy Eddie Ross
You can never go wrong using an ottoman like this in your room, it can work beautifully as a coffee table or a place to put your feet up, either way luxe.
Image courtesy 1st dibs

Image courtesy Studio Jake

Stunning Hyde over seagrass

Or how about an oversized zebra rug

Juicy Couture

Where will you add a little Zebra???
Until tomorrow,
           Anne x

Lazy Sundays...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I don't often get the chance to have a lazy Sunday... but once in a while when I'm not working on a design project or a blog post.
And when I do... I just relish in the rare opportunity to have breakfast in bed, snuggle with my husband and my two Westies, catch up on a magazine article or read the newspaper always a luxury nowadays, or nap, before going for a walk on the beach, one of the luxuries of living in Southern California, that's my idea of living the good life. 

What's yours???

The perfect Sunday image courtesy Pinterest
Serene & Stylish...image courtesy Houzz
Beach living...
My boy Bobo enjoying the beach...

Cappuccino by Massimo

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday,
                                                                Anne x

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