Lazy Sundays...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I don't often get the chance to have a lazy Sunday... but once in a while when I'm not working on a design project or a blog post.
And when I do... I just relish in the rare opportunity to have breakfast in bed, snuggle with my husband and my two Westies, catch up on a magazine article or read the newspaper always a luxury nowadays, or nap, before going for a walk on the beach, one of the luxuries of living in Southern California, that's my idea of living the good life. 

What's yours???

The perfect Sunday image courtesy Pinterest
Serene & Stylish...image courtesy Houzz
Beach living...
My boy Bobo enjoying the beach...

Cappuccino by Massimo

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday,
                                                                Anne x


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