A personal throwback Thursday...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being home in Scotland always puts me in a melancholy state, memories flooding back with every street I walk, every corner I turn, my childhood was wonderful I could not have asked for anything more, I was showered with love from wonderful parents, and doting grandparents, who lived around the corner and I saw everyday. 
My cousin who babysat me as a child, is now like a sister, and then of course there are my friends, friends, by the way who are still in my life today, even though we're oceans apart, not many people can say that. 
My visits are frequent now, as my mother is struggling with Alzheimer's, and as mums memories are fading, I find myself retaking walks we walked and visiting places we went every time that I'm home, now I am the keeper of all our memories, beautiful, wonderful memories...

My Mum and I 

My Nana, Grandpa and I on one of our many outings

My Mum on her last visit to Italy enjoying an afternoon aperatif

My Mum visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles

Eating and enjoying hot dogs in New York City

Help cure Alzheimer's...

Anne x


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